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Uncover The Secrets To Financial
Success, Starting Now!

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7 Secrets To Growing Your Wealth Live Workshop

Don’t miss your opportunity to come along to the our live Free live workshop 7 Secrets to Growing your Wealth. Hear from our financial specialists as they share valuable insights that have helped many of our clients maximise their wealth for the future regardless of their age and financial situation.

The event is held at:
NAB House Sydney Level 15 255 George Street Sydney

The next event date is: Wednesday 14th of November
4:45pm – 6:00pm

At this event you'll learn about simple yet effective investment, tax and other financial strategies to help you:

Make smarter decisions to balance your cash flow with your needs for the future

Decide whether to pay off your home or invest in shares, property or other investments

Understand how to minimise your tax

Build your super and other assets to fund a retirement that goes the distance

Feel more confident you’ll be able to enjoy the kind of future you have in mind.

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As a leader and innovator in the financial services industry for over 17 years, Mary was a stockbroker before she founded Company Group in 2011.

Mary is passionate about helping people make better financial decisions so they can get on with enjoying life to the full instead of worrying about money. She is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with clients in a way that empowers them in all areas of personal wealth, success and self-development.

Mary Brown

Founder & Principal Adviser

Success Stories From Our Clients

“It’s about having a better focus, having someone as a sounding board who knows what they are doing.”

John O’Connell

Trust Company Limited

“It’s important to have a financial coach to get rid of the white noise in your head”

Ben Hirschfeld

Company Name

“Organising your financial life is daunting but having that person that knows what you want in life is the key”

Leslie Marquez

Company Name